Meeder is excited to reveal a new beginning as we present our new brand identity to the marketplace in 2022.

This bold brand refresh will allow us to present a more up-to-date and innovative face to our stakeholders and to the marketplace as we enhance our ability to compete and grow in an environment of abundance. Our objective is to transform all our previous internal and external branded items to the new brand identity this year. You’ll see a new crisp, clean look and feel with new designs featuring white, teal, orange and other colors. We accent that with new lifestyle and growth imagery, all to represent how Meeder is evolving, changing, and adapting to our customers' and partners' needs. The new Meeder website is the anchor for our new branding. For the next few months, the Meeder legacy website will run parallel with the new one, as we continue to build out the content and links on the new website. The new website represents a collaboration between the IT team, Marketing, and our business leaders and executives. We’ll be collecting ongoing feedback as we proceed to enhance the website experience.

Why are we launching this now?

From time to time, companies will update their visual brand identity to achieve a more contemporary design. The primary intent is to create a better customer and stakeholder experience, prepare for exponential growth, differentiate from competitors, and better compete in a crowded and noisy marketplace. This is especially true of the Financial Services space. The previous Meeder brand identity was created in the 1990s and over time has become visually outdated.

Is the Meeder company name changing?

No, the company name remains "Meeder Investment Management" but for simplicity and brevity, we are shortening the name as it appears in the logo with the stylized "M" design to simply "Meeder".